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This is a message board, not a chat room.  Chat room style messages will not be posted.  The message board is intended to be a question and answer type forum.

  1. The postings on the message board are to be limited to comments pertaining to issues relevant to Windsor Township.
  2. Postings are to be limited to 1000 characters. Postings exceeding this limit will not be accepted.
  3. Postings containing profanity, racial comments, threatening comments, inappropriate comments or anything that may be considered offensive will not be posted.
  4. All postings are to be identified by the name of the person submitting the posting. Postings signed as "Concerned Citizen", "Windsor Township resident", "Pro-growth supporter", etc. will not be considered names.
  5. Windsor Township shall have the sole authority in deciding which messages are posted.
Implementation Date: 10/02/06, amended 5/16/07

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