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Message Posted: 6/11/2019
By: Kipp Allison

Noise regulations found in the Zoning Ordinance are not applicable. If someone is setting off fireworks that early in the morning, contact 911. This is a Police matter handled by York Area Regional Police Department.
Message Posted: 6/10/2019
By: Cindy Mann

This may have been in reference to someone setting off fireworks at about 12:30am a couple weeks ago. There must be a noise ordinance that applies.
Message Posted: 6/6/2019
By: Kipp Allison

Windsor Township does not have regulations regarding individuals setting off legal fireworks. There are State regulations you may want to research prior having your own display.
Message Posted: 6/1/2019
By: Jeremiah Tome

What are the rules for fireworks? I was looking for a noise ordiance, but couldnt find anything. Thanks!