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Message Posted: 2/26/2019
By: Kipp Allison, Zoning Officer

Bob - The environmental concerns onsite and compliance with PaDEP regulations related to stormwater management have been the main focus of the Twp. The Twp appreciates the concerns related to “aesthetics” however the above is of utmost importance. With that said, the Twp is not in control of the permitting process, compliance, timing and any violations related to the above. These items fall under the purview of PaDEP (Scott Williamson #717-705-4700). Route 624, it is a State Road. PennDOT has been notified numerous times by the Twp. PennDOT can be reached at 717-848-6230. Representative Saylor’s office has been instrumental in helping the Twp so far. Unfortunately many of the problems are out of our control. If you are in need of any specifics please contact me directly and I will attempt to assist you further. (717-244-3512)
Message Posted: 2/25/2019
By: Bob

According to Windsor Township ordinances on this site, junkyards are to have a 10 foot fence enclosing the outdoor storage area set 100 feet back from the property line, and no junk should be stored within sight of roads or adjoining properties. The junkyard along 624 between Windsor and Red Lion has been out of compliance with this ordinance for years. They have junk cars and trucks stored right next to the road along 624. It is a dangerous eyesore, and when the rains are heavy, as they have been this year, the road in front of their property becomes a muddy, disgusting mess. Frankly, it makes Windsor look like a junk town. When I asked about this here before, I was told they have a variance to get things in order to eventually comply, but that was years ago. A variance should not be indefinite. When are they going to clean this up? Thank you.