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Message Posted: 3/5/2019
By: Jennifer Gunnet, Twp. Mgr.

Denise - The plow operator has made us aware of the damage. We have added it to our list of properties that need to be restored in the spring.
Message Posted: 3/4/2019
By: Denise S.

There is a considerable amount of damage to the grass area between the curb and sidewalk from the last two snow plowings done. This area is located between my property and that of my neighbor’s. Our property line is at the beginning of the cul-de-sac on Liborio Ln. and prior to the winter season markers were put in place (which I believe was done by the town) to show the location of where the curve begins. Last week the plow took out the marker and did the first round of damage. The marker was replaced by us before yesterday’s storm to once again be plowed down by the truck along with doing additional damage to the grass area. I have taken pictures of the mess that has been left behind. Is the township responsible for replacing the dirt to fill the several inches deep and a few feet in length ruts that were caused by the plowing and seeding the area in the spring?