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Message Posted: 6/6/2019
By: Kipp Allison

The Zoning Ordinance will prohibit anyone with a lot size of .4 acres from having chickens regardless of the Zoning. Minimum lot size requirements for the noncommercial keeping of livestock is determined by the zoning of your property.
Message Posted: 6/5/2019
By: Becky R.

I have .4 acres of property, enclosed by pine trees. Its an open backyard (meaning there are no other structures) I was always told you need at least 2 acres to have chickens here. Is this correct? Im just looking to have maybe 3 Rhode Island Reds as pets/for eggs. They would be well cared for, and would not roam (Id have a fenced in area) Please post any info and your experiences. If I have to have 2+ acres to have only a couple chickens, I suggest that rule be reformed! Thanks!