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Message Posted: 7/18/2019
By: Ruby

Thank you Jennifer. They just cut the vacant lots on the right and a bit on the left coming down Dayton Court but the very bottom lot where the stop sign is located still needs done. There are high weeds growing up the stop sign and along the road. Also can something be done about all the miscellaneous stuff sitting around on the vacant lots. The residents on Dayton Court appreciate your help.
Message Posted: 7/8/2019
By: Jennifer Gunnet, Twp. Mgr.

Ruby - I will pass this on to the Zoning Department to take care of.
Message Posted: 7/3/2019
By: Ruby

The weeds on the bottom lot on Dayton Court need cut. I believe it is still owned by John Adams. It is a safety issue to turn left because the overgrown vegetation on the right hand side is blocking the view of oncoming cars. Please help. Thank you.