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Message Posted: 9/16/2019
By: Jennifer Gunnet, Twp. Mgr.

Mr. Manahan - Both Windsor Rd. and Cape Horn Rd. are PennDOT maintained roads. Traffic signals are installed by developers or the local municipality which would be York and Windsor Townships. At this point, neither municipality is looking to install a signal. In the case of Rutters, PennDOT required it as part of their permit to have a driveway onto Cape Horn Rd. The sketch plans we have seen for the development across from Rutters realigns Ruppert Road to intersect with Belle Rd. It would be up to PennDOT whether they require the developer to install a traffic signal at Cape Horn and Windsor Rds.
Message Posted: 9/14/2019
By: Bill Manahan

Will a traffic light be installed at the intersection of Cape Horn and Windsor Roads in the near future?
Message Posted: 9/12/2019
By: Bill Manahan

The traffic backups on Windsor Road are unbelievable. Is there a certain accident quota that has to be met before a traffic light can be installed? What justified a light at the Rutters? Cant the same justification be used to have a light installed at the Cape Horn Road/Windsor Road intersection? Or will we have to wait until the shopping center is developed across from the Rutters?