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Message Posted: 11/12/2019
By: Kipp Allison

A “Hedgerow” is defined in the Zoning Ordinance on page 17. Additionally, Section 231 creates a Natural Resource Overlay Zone. Section 231.7 provides regulations and specific protections for “Woodlands and Hedgerows”.
Message Posted: 11/11/2019
By: Silar

Please site the section of the ordinance where hedgerows are defined/referenced.
Message Posted: 11/7/2019
By: Kipp Allison

The area of concern was inspected to determine if there was a violation. The area along the property line to the rear of 595 Dietz is defined as a hedgerow. Hedgerows are defined by the Zoning Ordinance and intended to be preserved. The Weed Ordinance will not apply in this instance.
Message Posted: 10/16/2019
By: Jennifer Gunnet, Twp. Mgr.

Sorry for the delay in responding. This was passed on to the Zoning Department.
Message Posted: 10/1/2019
By: Ivan

Can owner of property be required to remove vegetation well over 12 tall along rear property line that is a habitat for rats, ticks, snakes, poison ivy, etc (per Ordinance enacted and ordained July 27, 1992)?