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Message Posted: 5/21/2020
By: Jennifer Gunnet, Twp. Mgr.

Sue - Ok. Ill pass that on too.
Message Posted: 5/20/2020
By: Sue

Please also take a look at 333 Kormit Drive
back yard grass high as well as driveway used as stockpile for junk
Message Posted: 5/19/2020
By: Jennifer Gunnet, Twp. Mgr.

Mr. Stallworth - Ill pass this on to the Zoning Department.
Message Posted: 5/18/2020
By: Jack Stallworth

The grass at 316 Kormit Drive is over two feet tall along the fence. Broken pallets are on the side and back of the house. Neighbors are seeing and uptake in snakes coming from this mess of a yard. Can someone please check into this?