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Message Posted: 6/15/2020
By: Jennifer Gunnet, Twp. Mgr.

Alex - Please give Kipp a call at 717-244-3512. Thank you!
Message Posted: 6/12/2020
By: Alex D

Kipp Allison,
The home owner took care of the front and side but the entire back yard is still overgrown with grass and weeds 3 feet tall or more. Does the township require the home owner to keep the back yard to code too?
Message Posted: 6/11/2020
By: j

Rider - Yes, we would contact the property owner as they are responsible for the properties that they own.
Message Posted: 6/10/2020
By: Rider

This is a rental property, would you go after landlord? Maybe thatís what the property is not kept nice.
Message Posted: 6/8/2020
By: Kipp Allison

Complaints have already been filed against this property. Windsor Township has sent them notice and spoke with the owner last week regarding the issues. Township staff will be out to re-inspect. This matter should be resolved in the very near future.
Message Posted: 6/6/2020
By: Josh Snyder

Weeds growing everywhere. Makes all of our houses look horrible. Seen an increase of moles and snakes around house. Most weeds are in backyard.