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Topic: Noise ordinance/Decibel limit for Red Lion, during the day and night? Post A Reply | Post A New Message
Message Posted: 10/19/2020
By: Kipp Allison

The Zoning Ordinance provides decibel levels for consistent noise typically related to non-residential uses (Commercial/Industrial). In many cases construction noise would be considered intermittent and be permitted. Contact me at the Township office with any additional questions.

Message Posted: 10/16/2020
By: Trish

Are there township regulations about noise limits or a time frame that loud noises are allowed (such as construction activity etc.)?
Message Posted: 10/9/2020
By: Jennifer Gunnet, Twp. Mgr.

Our recommendation is to contact the police department when the music is playing. Depending on the time, the officer will have them turn it down or off.
Message Posted: 10/8/2020
By: E Scheindlinger

I have a neighbor that is a DJ. He has decided to throw a house party from his garage almost every day. The music is going for hours, usually 1 or 3 pm-12:30 am. The music & base is so loud that I have to turn up my tv to drown out his music. Is there a decibel limit for excessive noise from a neighbor that can clearly be heard from inside my home during the day? Also what are the quiet hours for Red Lion? In MD they were 11p-7a. Any suggestions on how to deal with this other than moving? I have already kindly asked him to turn the volume down during the week but that lasted two days.