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Message Posted: 1/28/2021
By: Kipp Allison

The Zoning Ordinance has regulations regarding a Timber Harvesting Operation. Not including dead and diseased trees, a property owner is permitted to remove 30 trees per acres of 3 inches or greater diameter. The Township will follow up with the builder to determine if they meet the minimum requirements and need a harvesting plan.
Message Posted: 1/27/2021
By: Steve

I find it ironic the steps that are required with the township to get a 6x6 shed delivered to my property and placed in the corner of the yard, or even a 1 tall plastic baby pool.
Compared to the lack of any guidance on the clearing of very well established old trees on the property to the rear of mine.
Is there no special requirements that need to be adhered to when performing such jobs? Like clearing a lot for a new house off Dietz rd