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Message Posted: 2/22/2021
By: Jennifer Gunnet, Twp. Mgr.

Ed - The Township DOES enforce this ordinance and has issued quite a few citations this winter. When a call about a sidewalk that is not shoveled is received, the entire development is checked. Citations are then issued.
Message Posted: 2/20/2021
By: Ed

Ordinance 04-2-2 states snow and/or ice to be removed from sidewalks abutting property within 24 hours after snow has ceased to fall (a width of not less than 3 feet) and that anyone who doesnt shall be subject to summary conviction and be required to pay a fine of not less than $50 and not more than $1,000 plus the cost of prosecution. Failure to enforce this ordinance is the reason why residents dont think its necessary to clean off their sidewalks after it snows!