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Message Posted: 4/14/2021
By: Deanna Coble, Windsor Township

Yes, street sweeping has begun. In years past, they have started in the northern part of the Township and worked their way south. However, this year some of the worst areas were swept first.
Message Posted: 4/12/2021
By: Hank N.

Has the sweeping actually started? In previous years, Ive seen them in my area within the first week or two but havent seen them at all yet.
Message Posted: 3/23/2021
By: Deanna Coble, Windsor Township

Street sweeping will begin the week of March 29th.
Message Posted: 3/21/2021
By: Brent

Any update on street sweeping dates?
Message Posted: 3/8/2021
By: Jennifer Gunnet, Twp. Mgr.

Brian - Street sweeping will not be done until the threat of snow/ice has passed. Typically that is not until the end of March until mid-April.
Message Posted: 3/6/2021
By: Brian

When will the street sweepers be out? Iíve spun my tires out on Ness and Freysville and want to wash my truck at some point.